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The Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine (DAYAM) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is supporting local education agencies and school districts by providing resources and capacity-building activities to address the emotional and mental health needs of students and staff caused by the pandemic

Headspace is an app that teaches mindfulness for your everyday life so you have less stress, move more, and sleep soundly. Headspace teaches meditation and mindfulness for any mind, any mood, any goal.

Explore is a great website with many different live cams including Africa, Bears, Birds, Oceans, Dogs, Cats, and Sanctuaries. Explore is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes.

Calm is a wonderful app and site that provides activities to increase happiness, reduce anxiety, sleep better, and build self-esteem.  This has a free trial.

Change to Chill has many different resources to determine the cause of stress and successfully manage stress.

The Smiling Mind is a program for families to foster positive mental health habits together.

The Sandbox Coloring App utilizes pixel art to work on fine motor skills and patience! 

InsightTimer boasts the largest free library of guided meditations on Earth!

By combining early & crisis intervention, real-time support, and a safe, digital space for emotional discovery, Closegap makes it easy for K-12 schools to support the emotional health of their students.

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